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GHWT, LBP user-content being moderated

Fans are not very happy.

Fans are becoming angry about the removal or "moderation" of content created by Guitar Hero World Tour and LittleBigPlanet online communities.

Music based on popular videogames or bands has been wiped from the Activision servers, according to MTV Multiplayer, but continues to dominate the popularity charts. Honest and real compositions are beginning to take hold, however.

Unfortunately LittleBigPlanet, for which user-created content was a large part of the charm, appears to be in more of a pickle.

Here, levels paying homage to series such as Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid etc. are being permanently scrapped without so much as an explanation from developer Media Molecule. This is often the only copy of a level, too.

Media Molecule explains on the official forum that the community flags various creators for moderator attention. Only then, after the developer has a look, will the level potentially be removed from the shared area of LBP. And if the level is particularly offensive, then "further action may be taken".

"That's how it stands right now," reads the post. "We are working on a system whereby any level that is moderated will inform the creator of the level why the action was taken, as there could be unintentionally unsuitable content in the level, or a cultural offence, which is harmless in one country and offensive in another.

"Either way, we want to ensure that creators' levels are only permanently removed if they warrant it. In most innocent cases a simple tweak to the level may be required and that's what we're working on communicating."

One clever use has, however, found a way to duplicate levels before submission - retaining a backup in case one falls foul of the law.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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