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Hoth battle live in Star Wars Galaxies

MMO gets classic film sequence at last.

Even those MMOs that don't have a new expansion pack this winter have saved up their tastiest updates for the run-up to Christmas, and Star Wars Galaxies is no exception.

The Sony Online Entertainment MMO is doing what upstart sibling The Old Republic can't, and cashing in on the most memorable sequences of the classic Star Wars films.

Chapter 11: The Battle of Echo Base launched yesterday, and adds vehicle combat to the game in a recreation of the battle on the ice planet Hoth that opened second movie The Empire Strikes Back.

The "heroic encounter" allows players in groups of up to eight to take control of Rebel snowspeeders or Imperial AT-STs in the iconic fight. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 all show up to cheer you on, too.

The battle has multiple stages and objective-based missions for players who've picked a side in the Galactic Civil War.

Star Wars Galaxies celebrated its fifth birthday this year. We'll be revisiting it soon.