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SWG claims 3m player-made quests

Ageing MMO enlivened by Chronicle Master.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that players have created over three million quests for its Star Wars Galaxies MMO in just over a month. The quests were made using the new Chronicle Master system for content creation.

That's a remarkable number, considering that Galaxies' subscriber numbers have recently shrunk to such an extent that SOE had to close nearly half its servers. One individual player is said to have made over 6000 playable quests.

Perhaps it's the ability to use iconic Star Wars characters that has players hooked - or the loot that's unique to the Chronicle Master system.

Galaxies isn't the only ageing MMO that has chosen user-generated content as a route to keeping its world fresh. NCsoft launched the Mission Architect for City of Heroes earlier this year, and declared itself "astounded" by the results.