Star Wars Galaxies: Episode III Rage of the Wookiees


Star Wars Galaxies switched offline

Veteran MMO Hutt forever.

Star Wars Galaxies endgame detailed

Condemned MMO going out with a bang.

SOE calls time on Star Wars Galaxies

Plug to be pulled on 15th December.

SWG claims 3m player-made quests

Ageing MMO enlivened by Chronicle Master.

Star Wars Galaxies switched offline

Veteran MMO Hutt forever.

Star Wars Galaxies endgame detailed

Condemned MMO going out with a bang.

SOE calls time on Star Wars Galaxies

Plug to be pulled on 15th December.

SWG claims 3m player-made quests

Ageing MMO enlivened by Chronicle Master.

Almost half SWG servers to close

A dozen give in to the dark side.

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