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Killzone 2 beta gets underway

Community and press invited to the party.

Sony and Guerrilla have begun a semi-public PS3 beta test for Killzone 2.

Press and some members of the community have been invited to join in, but there will be no discussing the content until next Thursday.

Killzone 2 was one of the star performers at the Eurogamer Expo, drawing crowds of onlookers admiring the top notch first-person visuals and gory shooting.

One attendee even remarked that the game looked quite a lot like that infamous target-rendered trailer shown at E3 2005. Much to our amusement, of course.

We'll let you know when the beta opens up proper. Until then, head over to our Killzone 2 gamepage to find out much much more.

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Killzone 2


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