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BattleForge beta kicks off this Friday

PC fantasy RTS based on card trading.

Developer EA Phenomic will open the BattleForge beta to the public this Friday 7th November.

The rather late arrival of the open testing phase means launch has been pushed back from autumn 2008 to early 2009.

BattleForge is a fantasy real-time strategy game based around collecting and trading cards that make up the buildings, units and powers within armies. A bit like those WWF wrestling stickers back in the 1990s then, only completely different.

The German developer has been tinkering with the game for over three years, and though online co-op and versus battles will be crucial, there's also a single-player campaign to embark on.

Pop over to the official BattleForge website to get involved, or head to our BattleForge gamepage for the latest trailer and screenshots