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EA makes BattleForge free-to-play

MMORTS reshuffles after stale launch.

EA has decided to make a Play 4 Free version of online real-time strategy and card-trading game BattleForge.

The only limitation will be a reduced starting pack of 32 out of 200 cards, but otherwise the Play 4 Free version offers the entire BattleForge experience.

To counter this, retail boxes now come with 3000 BattleForge Points, which is worth about the same as the game - GBP 35. And those who have already bought the game can redeem these points using the retail product code.

Meanwhile, Play 4 Free users will either have to buy booster packs at 250 BattleForge Points apiece, or earn and trade new cards in-game.

The Play 4 Free move comes after BattleForge launched to a lukewarm reception in March. Head over to our BattleForge review to find out why.