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EA announces BattleForge

Card-based online RTS.

EA has announced a new card-battling multiplayer real-time strategy game called BattleForge, from its EA Phenomic Studio in Germany. It's due out on PC this autumn.

It's not entirely obvious how BattleForge will work, but EA says you will be able to win, trade and buy cards online to build up a fancy deck, although the "buy" bit isn't obligatory and you will be able to play the game without making any additional payments.

There's also a bit about the game's fiction. "For mortals caught in a clash between insane gods and ancient giants, standing together is the only option," it explains.

"Using the forces of Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow a mysterious Forge which makes legends come to life is their single hope to create armies powerful enough to overcome these impossible odds

"It is now time to set out and reclaim an epic fantasy world which has been overthrown by sinister powers in the twilight of a dying sun."

Meanwhile, executive producer Richard Leinfellner says the game has "co-op play, challenging tournaments, Guilds, chat rooms and a robust marketplace for trading and buying your cards" and will integrate "social and community components to an exciting fantasy RTS".

Look out for more on BattleForge soon.