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MS: credit crunch will help Xbox 360

Value for money to win Christmas.

Microsoft reckons the Xbox 360 will benefit from the credit crunch this Christmas, as families opt to stay at home and share affordable, long-lasting entertainment.

The console also doubles as a room heater, of course, and perhaps there's enough wireless battery acid for the whole family to wash in.

YouGov has surveyed 1000 people in the UK to get results, according to a press release.

Just under half wanted to buy one present the entire family could enjoy, for example. And nearly three quarters wanted to find presents that last longer than a day - like dogs.

Better still, just under half wanted to find an "extra special present" as they would be buying fewer anyway - which tackles the "more expensive" pitfall. Oh, and almost exactly half wanted to bring families together.

"In tough economic times, home entertainment products traditionally do well, as consumers tend to want to stay in and save money. Gaming and entertainment consoles like the Xbox 360 are seen as good value, given they can entertain the whole household through Christmas and beyond," said Martin Olausson from Strategy Analytics.

"Our trend research shows that families are looking for gifts that keep on giving throughout the year," said UK Xbox boss Neil Thompson.

"At an entry-level ERP of GBP 129.99, Xbox 360 offers an amazing experience for the whole family, so with the constant rise in other entertainment based activities such as going to the cinema, concerts and football games, it's clear Xbox 360 offers great entertainment value for families."

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