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BioShock Challenge Rooms priced

One PS3 package for six quid.

2K Games has said that the downloadable Challenge Rooms for BioShock PS3 will cost GBP 6.29.

There are three of these rooms, remember, but they will arrive as a single pack on 20th November on the PlayStation Store.

The Challenge Rooms, exclusive to PS3, offer plenty of unseen content and tasks to accomplish. They add up to well over an hour of gameplay on the first run-through, and are built to be replayable.

Tasks are tough and based on using limited resources to achieve a goal, such as rescuing a Little Sister on a Ferris Wheel, taking down a Big Daddy, or besting a staggered arena-style onslaught of Rapture baddies.

Check back tomorrow for our hands-on impressions of the Challenge Rooms.

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