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Evocative fan-made Bioshock short film includes music from original composer

Would you kindly give it a watch?

A fan-made Bioshock short film gives a glimpse of what a full-length feature could be.

From filmmaker Steve Turselli and other industry professionals, the 11-minute "The Interrogation of Timmy H" is as moody and evocative as you might expect of the original Bioshock game.

That's in part due to a new score from the original Bioshock composer Garry Schyman.

Cover image for YouTube videoBioShock: The Collection - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Timmy H was a follower of Frank Fontaine in the underwater city of Rapture, though things didn't work out too well for him.

In the game he features in an audio diary of his torture, which forms the basis of this short film.

It may not feature the iconic Big Daddies, plasmids, or splicers we know from the game, but it's certainly recognisable as Bioshock - even before that final shot.

Check out the full film below.

Cover image for YouTube videoBioshock Short Film - The Interrogation of Timmy H

As for the Bioshock series, a new game is reportedly in the works at new studio Cloud Chamber.

Meanwhile original creator Ken Levine recently spoke of the "luxury" of throwing out unused work as former colleagues described him as a perfectionist.