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Next BioShock developer "ramping up"


More than a decade on from the release of BioShock Infinite, the team working on a successor is now "ramping up".

That's according to senior cinematic designer Jeff Spoonhower, who took to LinkedIn to highlight more than 30 positions now open at 2K Cloud Chamber, the Montreal-based studio tasked with crafting a fresh entry in the beloved BioShock series.

Work to continue the BioShock series has been ongoing over the past 10 years, though has stopped and started at a selection of development studios.

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Irrational Games, home of series director Ken Levine, effectively shut down after Infinite's final expansion launched. Rebranded as Ghost Story Games, it has now recently re-emerged making Judas, a distinctly BioShock-like game of its own.

The fact we've seen gameplay of Judas points to Levine's next project arriving first, and likely some time before 2K's own official BioShock ultimately arrives.

Open positions at 2K's Cloud Chamber studio include animation, cinematics, engineering and narrative roles - suggesting the project still has some time left in the oven.

A 2021 report suggested Cloud Chamber's take on BioShock involved a fictional Antarctic city set sometime during the 1960s, roughly concurrent with the events of BioShock 1 and 2.

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