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More Burnout Paradise DLC unveiled

Toy Cars like monster trucks, this time.

Criterion has lifted the lid on yet more downloadable content for smashing racer Burnout Paradise.

This time we're told about the Toy Cars Pack, which will arrive in 2009 and introduce slightly squashed-looking race cars, monster trucks and comedy cruisers.

Unfortunately little else is known about the content; how much it will cost, for example, and if the five cars in the sole screenshot released make up the entire collection offering.

The Burnout Toy Cars Pack follows a stream of DLC announcements made by developer Criterion. The most recent of these was a Legendary Cars Pack that includes car that can retract the wheels and hover through the air at head height, apparently.

Preceding that was news of a special edition version of the racing game that will include the Cagney and Bikes update, plus a new pass-the-pad-style offline multiplayer mode.

And Criterion isn't finished there; more DLC announcements are expected at the end of this week. Keep those eyes peeled.