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Hover car coming to Burnout Paradise

Back To The Future-style.

Even more Burnout Paradise updates have been announced, including, yes, a Back To The Future-style hover car. Obviously.

As promised, Criterion Games revealed the latest pack (the fifth, if you haven't lost count yet) on Friday, and is calling it the 'Legendary Cars Pack'.

Available in Spring 2009, fans will be able to experience the Jansen 88 Special, "a classic 1980s styled silver sports car based on the fan-favourite Jansen P12" with "a few interesting modifications".

According to producer Jeremy Chubb, the 88 is "fast, manoeuvrable and great in the air".

"In fact, if you want to take off, this is just the car for you. Hit L3 to switch to hover mode; the wheels retract and the car takes off and hovers through Paradise City at head height. Seriously. It hovers." YES.

In addition to hover car madness, the Legendary Cars Pack will include the Cavalry Bootlegger, Manhattan Spirit and the GT Nighthawk.

More news and footage of those are expected on the 14th November. Be sure to also check out Criterion's video podcast, Crash TV.

If you've missed out on all the fun, check the Burnout Paradise gamepage to catch up.