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Burnout Paradise to keep expanding

Four more updates for spring '09.

Criterion plans to deliver four more chunky Burnout Paradise updates throughout spring 2009. Vroom.

The first of these, Pack 4, will be unveiled on 31st October, according to the official developer blog.

Then, on 7th November, we will learn about Pack 5, before Pack 6 is unveiled a week later on 14th November.

The last of the lot, Pack 7, will be talked about on 21st November.

Presumably one of those will be the Eastwood update, which adds a new island to Paradise City for drivers to explore. We're also expecting biplanes to arrive at some point.

Criterion's ongoing support for Burnout Paradise, which launched in January 2008, has been really rather impressive. The biggest changes have come in free Cagney and Burnout Bikes packs, the former adding new online modes, and the latter adding motorbikes and a day/night cycle. Trophy support was introduced recently as well.

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