Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box


Founders leave Burnout and NFS: Hot Pursuit studio Criterion

UPDATE: Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry to form new studio.

"No more" Burnout Paradise DLC

"We did WAY more than everyone else."

Criterion talks up binned Burnout DLC

Planes! Boats! Time travel! Squirrels!

Digital Foundry | The Criterion Tech Interview: Part Two

The conclusion of the epic Digital Foundry vs Criterion technology interview.

Digital Foundry | The Criterion Tech Interview: Part One

Meet the team behind Burnout's engine evolution.

Digital Foundry | Tech Retrospective: Burnout Paradise

How Criterion built Paradise City, with exclusive HD Big Surf Island capture.

Criterion: Nobody's maxed out PS3/360

"It means you're out of ideas," say devs.

Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island dated

Jump in, up and all around in June.

New Burnout Paradise DLC priced

Cops and Robbers to cost under a tenner.

More Burnout Paradise DLC this month

Cops and Robbers arriving on the 30th.

Burnout Paradise Toy Pack on Thursday

Keep them off the stairs.

Burnout Legendary Cars on Thursday

Just over six quid for the lot.

New DLC announced for Burnout Paradise

Cops and Robbers pack on the way.

Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box dated

Finally on PC from early February.

Try Burnout Paradise on PC for free

Ahead of full release in February.

Hover car coming to Burnout Paradise

Back To The Future-style.

Special edition Burnout Paradise coming

Out in February, along with PC version.

Put motorbikes in Burnout Paradise

Patch now available for 360 and PS3.

Burnout Paradise coming to PC

Massive resolutions, customised content.