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Activision buys Guitar Hero port house

Budcat Creations to join ranks.

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You sell some, you buy some. Having sold Swedish RTS developer Massive to Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard has replaced it with port specialist Budcat Creations.

Iowa-based Budcat did the PS2 conversions of recent entries in Activision's Guitar Hero series - Legends of Rock, Aerosmith and World Tour. It also has plenty of Nintendo experience, having made New York Times Crosswords for DS and the not very well-received Medal of Honour: Vanguard for Wii.

"Budcat Creations is an outstanding developer with an experienced management team and a very talented group of programmers, designers and artists," said Activision big cheese Mike Griffith.

"In addition to strengthening our development capabilities on the Nintendo platforms, this acquisition increases our Guitar Hero development resources as we continue to grow the franchise and expand our global leadership position in the music-based genre," he added.

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