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Ubisoft snaps up World in Conflict

And Swedish developer Massive.

The Sierra Entertainment fire sale continues. Ubisoft has bought the rights to real-time strategy game World In Conflict - and picked up its Swedish developer Massive Entertainment while it was about it.

Massive and World In Conflict were among the many Vivendi properties on the Sierra label that Activision Blizzard decided it didn't want after the two publishers merged earlier this year.

Massive, founded in the city of Malmo in 1997, was working on World In Conflict: Soviet Assault when Vivendi and Activision merged. Soviet Assault was to bring the series to PS3 and Xbox 360 for the first time, as well as expanding the PC original.

Ubisoft's press release doesn't mention whether it has any plans to publish Soviet Assault - but the French publisher clearly sees a future for the World In Conflict series alongside its own entry into RTS, Tom Clancy's EndWar.

"Ubisoft is growing at an intense pace and our strategy is to ensure the strength of our global creative teams," said Christine Burgess-Quemard, a director of studios at Ubisoft. "Massive has put together a group of some of the most confirmed and recognised creators in the industry and I know that their talent and innovation will allow them to seamlessly integrate into our worldwide network of production studios."

"Massive's development team places great importance on its freedom to innovate and create games of the highest quality," stated Massive founder Martin Walfisz. "We are fortunate to have found in Ubisoft a publisher who shares the same values and understands our mindset. I have no doubt that our future together will offer significant mutual benefit and synergy."

Other Sierra refugees include Ghostbusters - now with Atari - and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, rescued by THQ. Double Fine's rock adventure Brutal Legend hasn't signed a deal yet, but is said to be "very close" to one.

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