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New WIC will appeal to FPS fans

Despite the fact it's a strategy game.

World in Conflict producer Petter Sydow has told Eurogamer he's optimistic his strategy title will appeal to console gamers - especially fans of first-person shooters.

The first WIC game was released on PC last year, and Dan liked it. A console version titled World in Conflict: Soviet Assault is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 this autumn.

According to Sydow, the development team has tried hard to ensure the controls work just as well on consoles as they did on PC. "We're very much focused on how to get those right, and keep the fluidity of the game," he said. "Strategy gaming was built around the mouse; it's built around selecting units and clicking and moving the mouse. We realised we needed to get away from that."

The result is a control system designed to be intuitive, simple and familiar to first-person shooter fans - much like other elements of the game. "For a strategy game, we go very far. We have a first-person shooter level of immersion, of story progression, of character progression, and we really think that is something the audience will like," Sydow stated.

"But of course, it's an untested market, so we'll have to cross our fingers."

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