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World in Conflict on consoles in autumn

With new lumps and bumps.

Sierra Entertainment has said World if Conflict will be available on PS3 and 360 this autumn.

Both are being made by Swordfish Studios under the watchful eye of Massive Entertainment, and will feature new content in the single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes.

Those of you who bought this last year on PC will be given this too, presumably in a patch. Or maybe an injection.

We had previously hoped to see the Xbox 360 version of World in Conflict late last year, but Sierra hoofed it into 2008.

Whatever the reason for the delay, the game remains an exciting prospect; World in Conflict is a real-time strategy game without all the base building but with all the ordering troops around in big cinematic battles. Should work quite well on console, providing someone can finally map the controls so they feel natural rather than not-as-good-as-a-mouse.

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