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World in Conflict 360 dated

Shots and dev-team revealed.

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The Xbox 360 port of World in Conflict is being handled by Sierra's internal Swordfish Studios, the publisher said this week, and will be out in the autumn.

The PC version is developed by Massive Entertainment, who will be guiding Swordfish's hand to some extent, and will be released in September.

"World in Conflict is the natural fit for Xbox 360, as it effectively blurs the lines between strategy, action and first-person shooter, making controlling units and issuing orders quick and easy on the console controller," says Al Simone, a Sierra marketing chap.

That said, Swordfish has refined the controls a bit to fit the pad, with a new HUD installed that better fits the platform.

You can feast your eyes on early screenshots in our imaginatively named World in Conflict Xbox 360 screenshot gallery.

For more on the PC version, be sure to check in with our recent first impressions. We've been a bit bowled over by it in private, and it could end up being one of the big strategy games of the year. Which'd be nice, because Massive deserve a bit of love after everyone ignored Ground Control.

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