World in Conflict: Soviet Assault


Ubi: no Soviet Assault on consoles

World in Conflict expansion is PC-only.

World in Conflict expansion for PC in March

Ubisoft has "no news" on console versions.

Ubisoft snaps up World in Conflict

And Swedish developer Massive.

Sierra Spring Break Roundup

Bourne, World in Conflict, Crash, Spyro.

Ubi: no Soviet Assault on consoles

World in Conflict expansion is PC-only.

World in Conflict expansion for PC in March

Ubisoft has "no news" on console versions.

Ubisoft snaps up World in Conflict

And Swedish developer Massive.

Sierra Spring Break Roundup

Bourne, World in Conflict, Crash, Spyro.

New WIC will appeal to FPS fans

Despite the fact it's a strategy game.

World in Conflict 360 delayed

War postponed until 2008.

Feature | World in Conflict Multiplayer Beta

Massive CEO talks online. He can't be that big, surely?

World in Conflict dated

Beta test unveiled.

World in Conflict 360 dated

Shots and dev-team revealed.