World in Conflict: Soviet Assault

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Ubi: no Soviet Assault on consoles

World in Conflict expansion is PC-only.

Ubisoft has confirmed what we've suspected for some time now - the console versions of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault have been canned.

World in Conflict expansion for PC in March

World in Conflict expansion for PC in March

Ubisoft has "no news" on console versions.

Ubisoft plans to deploy World in Conflict expansion Soviet Assault for PC this March.

Shops will sell boxed copies containing both original World in Conflict game and expansion. Those who already own the RTS will be able download Soviet Assault online.

But where are the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions? "There's no news on any console version at the moment," a spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer this morning. This is strange, as the primary goal of Soviet Assault was to introduce World in Conflict to those machines..

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Ubisoft snaps up World in Conflict

And Swedish developer Massive.

The Sierra Entertainment fire sale continues. Ubisoft has bought the rights to real-time strategy game World In Conflict - and picked up its Swedish developer Massive Entertainment while it was about it.

Sierra Spring Break Roundup

Bourne, World in Conflict, Crash, Spyro.

It was all sun, sand, sea and Sierra games for Eurogamer the other week when the artist formerly known as Vivendi took us on a press trip to Mallorca. You might have already seen our previews of Ghostbusters, Prototype and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, but they weren't the only games on show.

New WIC will appeal to FPS fans

Despite the fact it's a strategy game.

World in Conflict producer Petter Sydow has told Eurogamer he's optimistic his strategy title will appeal to console gamers - especially fans of first-person shooters.

In case you missed our advanced warning, we thought we'd tell you again that the demo for World in Conflict is available to download.

World in Conflict Multiplayer Beta

World in Conflict Multiplayer Beta

Massive CEO talks online. He can't be that big, surely?

World in Conflict (WiC) isn't like other RTS games, as developer Massive Entertainment has been at great pains to stress throughout its development. Set in an alternate reality where the Cold War went critical, the game purports to be the antithesis of Supreme Commander's mega-complexity. With a plot penned by Clancy cohort Larry Bond, the single-player game pits the player against a Soviet force on American soil, theoretically focusing on layering ease-of-use and bite-size gameplay over deep, fast-paced military strategy and the allure of tactical nukes.

While the full package releases for PC on 21st September (an Xbox 360 version's following at an unspecified date next year), you can now sign up for the open multiplayer beta. Which you should. Because we sat through a 20-minute demo of the tit-for-tat online play in LA last week and from what we saw there's every reason to expect World in Conflict to emerge as one of the PC games of the year. Sporting carpet bombs and an innovative resource-point reclamation system for bringing destroyed units back to the battlefield, Massive's pick-up-and-play ethic potentially belies what could be a sea-change for the genre's tried and tested staples: namely, in that you don't have to invest 400 hours of your life to be able to play it properly.

We took the opportunity to catch up with Massive Entertainment CEO Martin Walfisz for a bit of multiplayer chat. Check out our beta impressions in the article they're already calling World in Conflict Multiplayer Beta impressions.

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World in Conflict dated

Beta test unveiled.

Vivendi Games has popped a big release date sticker on the PC version of World of Conflict. It says 21st September on it.

World in Conflict 360 dated

Shots and dev-team revealed.

The Xbox 360 port of World in Conflict is being handled by Sierra's internal Swordfish Studios, the publisher said this week, and will be out in the autumn.

Vivendi confirms World in Conflict for Xbox 360

Vivendi Games has told Eurogamer that World in Conflict will be heading to Xbox 360.

"We can confirm we will be publishing World in Conflict for 360, and we will announce details soon," a spokesperson for Vivendi told us this morning.

Whether or not that means will see it side-by-side with the PC version sometime in September is something we'll have to wait to find out.

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