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World in Conflict expansion for PC in March

Ubisoft has "no news" on console versions.

Ubisoft plans to deploy World in Conflict expansion Soviet Assault for PC this March.

Shops will sell boxed copies containing both original World in Conflict game and expansion. Those who already own the RTS will be able download Soviet Assault online.

But where are the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions? "There's no news on any console version at the moment," a spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer this morning. This is strange, as the primary goal of Soviet Assault was to introduce World in Conflict to those machines..

We had, once upon a time, expected an Xbox 360 port of World in Conflict at the end of 2007, before then-publisher Sierra (Vivendi) decided to add a PS3 version for a simultaneous autumn 2008 release.

But when Vivendi merged with Activision, World in Conflict developer Massive Entertainment found their work in the 'do not want' pile.

Ubisoft came to the rescue last November, but we've heard nothing more of the action-focused war series until now.

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault relives the nervy Cold War through the eyes of the Red Army, and hangs a gritty story around new characters and films. There's plenty of extra maps to refresh multiplayer skirmishes, too.

World in Conflict burst onto PC back in autumn 2007, delivering very pretty destructive action freed by the absence of base-building.

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