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Vivendi confirms World in Conflict for Xbox 360

Publisher says yes.

Vivendi Games has told Eurogamer that World in Conflict will be heading to Xbox 360.

"We can confirm we will be publishing World in Conflict for 360, and we will announce details soon," a spokesperson for Vivendi told us this morning.

Whether or not that means will see it side-by-side with the PC version sometime in September is something we'll have to wait to find out.

World in Conflict is a real-time strategy game from Swedish outfit Massive Entertainment. It takes place in 1989 in an alternate history where the Cold War never fizzled out, and we pick it up with the Soviets invading Europe and America.

It was designed initially as a multiplayer game, the brief being to create an RTS as pick-up-and-playable as an FPS. Because of this you can expect eight-versus-eight online battles, with each of you picking specialised roles allowing access to different unit types: Infantry, Armor, Support Forces or Aerial Specialists. It's a complex and strategic affair to have your entire team singing from the same hymn book.

Meanwhile, the single-player vision is far from neglected, as Massive promises an emotional and cinematic experience similar to the critically acclaimed Call of Duty series.

Jim Rossignol recently saw the game for Eurogamer and described it as "absurdly beautiful". It's a brave new venture from Massive, and one we can't wait to see pulled off on 360.

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