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Techland holds Warhound back

Call of Juarez dev teases secret project.

Techland has told Eurogamer that Warhound has been pushed back to an unspecified point in the future.

"Unfortunately the release date of the game will be much later than we thought," said a spokesperson for the developer, ruling out a Christmas 2008 release.

Techland was unable to offer a new date for the openworld shooter, and said the problem had been getting the Chrome Engine to work on PS3. Warhound had only previously been announced for PC and Xbox 360.

The developer also told us work on a "secret project" had held Warhound back, and apparently there will be an announcement soon.

Warhound was unveiled in 2007 as a non-linear experience, where players pick, research, finance and fit out their own choice of mercenary missions around the world.

The Polish developer added considerable attraction to the project after delivering Call of Juarez, a gritty and acclaimed Wild West shooter about some bonkers priest and a stealthy former orphan.

Techland is also down to create Chrome 2 and Dead Island, although neither has surfaced for a while.