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Warhound slips

Blames cat.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Warhound has slipped back from this Christmas to an unspecified date next year.

It's the next game from Call of Juarez developer Techland, being created for both PC and Xbox 360.

The big attraction is its non-linear gameplay, allowing you to pick and choose what you do.

You'll play as a hard-as-nails mercenary working for a globe-spanning military contractor, which will offer you jobs around the world. Each one you pick will require you to gather your own intelligence, choose weapons and decide on a drop-in point - basically you'll have to plan it all out.

You'll have to manage your own finances, too, as well as your reputation and responsibility of keeping in tip-top fighting condition.

Technically Warhound will have all the truffles, with DirectX 10 this and physics that, as well as massive online multiplayer battles and lots of usable vehicles.

Pop over to our Warhound gamepage for some trailers and the new screenshots.

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