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Live Left 4 Dead interview at 5pm

Valve's Chet Faliszek talks zombies.

Eurogamer readers will be able to question Valve "Mr Awesome" Chet Faliszek this afternoon from 5pm GMT in our latest live text interview.

Faliszek is one of the lead developers on excellent zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, which has wooed fans and critics alike. Including us, swoon. The game infects shops today, coincidentally, and was released Tuesday on Steam.

Our live interview allows you to put your questions to Faliszek through a moderator, and then see how he responds on the site and whether we manage to spell his surname consistently. You don't even have to refresh the page. (Check out last week's inFamous live interview to see how they turn out).

"The infection spreads," moaned Faliszek, as cryptic as a zombie.

All that's left to do now is think up some questions. Why are zombies always bad, Chet? Can they not eat cereal for sustenance? Where is Amy Whinehouse is she the final boss? Are zombies a race or a species? Why are zombies so popular? And can they really dance like Michael Jackson?

Your questions, undoubtedly, will be better than ours. Head over to our Left 4 Dead gamepage for inspiration.

See you at 5pm GMT!