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Capcom publish millionaires club list

Proof that SNES > Megadrive.

Capcom, in a sudden fit of self-congratulation, has published a list of all of its million-plus-selling games.

Over on the Investor Relations pages of the Capcom site you'll find a list of every one that's crossed the million threshold, complete with a weensy video of each in action.

Unsurprisingly the leaderboard is topped by the SNES version of beat-'em-up granddaddy Street Fighter II, weighing in at a hefty 6.3 million copies sold, with Resi 2 on PlayStation and Street Fighter II Turbo chiming in on the lower orders of the winner's podium.

The most recent game in the millionaires club is Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd G at 2.5 million, a game so prevalent in Japan that several of its monsters are now on the endangered species list.

Probably the most interesting thing about the list is the concentration of various iterations of a few well-known series. Street Fighter, for example, takes up five of the 42 places, Devil May Cry has four, but Resident Evil is dominant with an incredible fourteen different entries. Who would have thought that zombies were such a big deal?