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June 2011 Archive

    1. Dead Rising 2: OTR out 14th October?
    2. Puzzle Agent 2 on PC and iOS today
    3. Lionhead has "super secret second project"
    4. Total War dev explains mod tools delay
    5. Limbo confirmed for PSN, Steam
    6. Cancelled Square Enix shooter leaks
    7. THQ publishing Witcher 2 on Xbox 360
    8. Latest Minecraft patch goes live
    9. Nintendo disappoints US fan campaign
    10. From Dust
    11. Level-5 working on Professor Layton 6
    12. Professor Layton ships over 11 million
    13. Professor Layton film coming in 2010
    14. Rise of Nightmares release date
    15. More Red Dead: Redemption DLC coming
    16. What Bungie Aerospace is
    17. League of Legends carves Europe in half
    18. Resident Evil: Revelations
    19. Splinter Cell Trilogy HD release date
    20. Need for Speed The Run
    21. Board game blocks Trenched EU release
    22. FIFA 12 has 4 commentators but no Gray
    23. CODCon: Call of Duty XP event announced
    24. Team Meat starts "ambitious" project
    1. Bohemia reclaims first Op. Flashpoint
    2. Fans spam Nintendo for Last Story release
    3. Dead Block dated for PSN, XBLA
    4. Kinect more accurate now than at launch
    5. Respawn site goes live, teases new game
    6. Capcom defends Resi: Mercs save system
    7. Space Marine PC system reqs announced
    8. Japan charts: 3DS down after Zelda bump
    9. Zelda: Skyward Sword a "school drama"
    10. PS Home Welcome Back extras detailed
    11. Stringer: Sony brand on post-PSN upswing
    12. Xenoblade bundle for Game, Gamestation
    13. Sega hosting EG Expo Indie Arcade
    14. Limbo for PlayStation 3 spotted
    15. Why core gamers will accept Wii U
    16. EU PlayStation Store update 29th June
    17. Minecraft XBLA set for UI overhaul
    18. Rune Factory 4 Nintendo 3DS announced
    19. Game will accept Resi Evil 3D trade-ins
    20. Ape Escape
    21. Riccitiello confirms KOTOR MMO
    22. BioWare to beat piracy with DLC
    23. BioWare working on MMORPG
    24. MotorStorm: Apocalypse multiplayer demo
    25. EA: 200 hours of play per SWTOR class
    26. Valve picks new Portal 2 PC maps
    27. Bodycount release date announced
    28. World of Warcraft patch 4.2 live today
    29. Invizimals dev now Sony exclusive
    30. Warcraft now free to trial to level 20
    31. Sony restructures management team
    32. PlayStation Plus one year old today
    33. Choose Your Own Adventure
    1. I Am Alive release imminent?
    2. Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta detailed
    3. Microsoft evaluates its E3 performance
    4. Deadliest Warrior: Legends XBLA date
    5. Sony predicts return of virtual reality
    6. Ignition cancels WarDevil again - report
    7. EVE revolt to cost CCP $1m – report
    8. LA Noire developer investigated by IGDA
    9. Tribes: Ascend goes free-to-play
    10. Xenoblade Chronicles EU release bundle
    11. Treyarch teases more COD Black Ops DLC
    12. Sony: Sorcery "still in development"
    13. EB Australia to recall Resident Evil 3D?
    14. EA resets gamer passwords after hacks
    15. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    16. COD Black Ops best selling UK game ever
    17. Mario Kart 3D
    18. Zelda Skyward Sword instrument "secret"
    19. Fable: Journey was 4 months old at E3
    20. Xbox ahead in online-capable game sales
    21. Swery needs cash for his next game
    22. Design a shield for Dark Souls DLC
    23. Next Xbox reveal at E3 2012 – report
    24. Cave Story 3D delayed to November
    25. Anonymous: "Anonymous = LulzSec"
    26. Boulder Dash XL XBLA release date
    27. Earth Defense Force UK launch delayed
    28. BAFTA launches kids' games design comp
    29. Sony: protecting our IP got us hacked
    30. More on Tales Xbox 360 exclusivity claim
    31. Mortal Kombat Kenshi DLC release date
    32. Out This Week - 01/07/11
    33. What Developers Think of Wii U
    1. Games industry wins crucial US court case
    2. Microsoft still hesitant on 3D
    3. Early Ocarina of Time set in single castle
    4. Free Shift 2 DLC announced for PC
    5. Sony announces budget US PSP packs
    6. 2.32GB Crysis 2 DX11 patch out now
    7. XBL Summer of Arcade release schedule
    8. Eve Online in Crisis
    9. Molyneux "ashamed" of Fable III scores
    10. How to get in the Journey beta
    11. The Forza 4 Limited Collector's Edition
    12. First Kirby for Nintendo 3DS this week
    13. EA restores Battlefield Heroes after hack
    14. Capcom: Resi Evil 3DS will retain value
    15. Who's making LittleBigPlanet Vita?
    16. LA Noire dev responds to controversy
    17. Core gamers game 18 hours a week – NPD
    18. Pac-Man creator wants games to remember
    19. Mobile Games Roundup
    20. Future of EA Sports MMA undecided
    21. Resi Evil: Mercs 3D: no save data reset
    22. "No truth" to Fatal Frame PS3 rumour
    23. Eve Online: CCP addresses player revolt
    24. Guild Wars 2 underwater combat details
    25. LulzSec disbands with parting hack
    26. Galaga Legions DX release date
    27. Geohot reportedly working for Facebook
    28. UK Top 40: Shadows of the Damned flops
    29. Gran Turismo creator races Nurburgring
    30. Zelda 3DS has "intentional" N64 bugs
    31. Creative Tension
    32. Old Gears Achievements unlock new stuff
    33. Nintendo acknowledges fan movement
    1. Out This Week - 24/06/11
    1. Blowing Bubbles
    1. SOE calls time on Star Wars Galaxies
    2. Bit.Trip Saga/Complete gets US date
    3. Microsoft: give NUads a chance
    4. Xbox chief doubts Vita's chances
    5. Team Fortress 2 unseats Counter-Strike
    6. Triple XP on Killzone 3 this weekend
    7. Sony announces huge PSN DLC sale
    8. Final Back To The Future episode out now
    9. EVE Online's Torfi Frans
    10. Mortal Kombat Skarlet DLC finally on PS3
    11. Dragon Age II DLC Legacy spotted
    12. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
    13. Brink DLC out early July
    14. PlayStation 3 game collections unveiled
    15. Bungie's Marathon coming to iPad
    16. F2P games coming to Xbox 360 – report
    17. Sony dismisses mobile threat to Vita
    18. Kinect hacker at GameCityNights
    19. Google getting into games
    20. Ninja Gaiden 3 playable at EG Expo!
    21. Download Games Roundup
    22. StreetPass at HMV for 10% discount
    23. Blizzard interested in iOS devices
    24. Sony PS3 price drop in August – report
    25. Infinity Ward "lifers" working on MW3
    26. Flower dev announces Journey beta
    27. Eve Online dev responds to player furore
    28. Wii Play Motion
    29. PS3 Child of Eden: why you have to wait
    30. Xenoblade dev making Wii U game
    31. Sony in fresh PSN hack lawsuit
    32. Team Fortress 2 now free-to-play
    33. BioWare's "regret" over forum hack
    1. I Am Alive dev announces Black Death
    2. Sledgehammer's COD spin-off sidelined
    3. Split/Second dev plans free-to-play title
    4. Sony announces Uncharted Collection
    5. Levine: devs should "firewall" motion play
    6. Saint Seiya gets Euro PS3 release
    7. Crytek: Crysis 2 "backfired a bit"
    8. Rockstar announces LA Noire for PC
    9. Sega: "We made too many Sonic games"
    10. Sonic Generations Xbox 360 demo is 3D
    11. Miyamoto: winning online "not our goal"
    12. L.A. Noire: Nicholson Electroplating
    13. Tales of Monkey Island HD hits iPad
    14. John Carmack recounts Quake
    15. Nintendo announces Wii Play: Motion
    16. Sonic Generations demo on Xbox Live
    17. Report: EA buying PopCap for $1 billion
    18. PS3 gamer fury over Mortal Kombat DLC
    19. New report casts doubt on 3D popularity
    20. Jaffe slams "racist" Twisted Metal "fan"
    21. CCP: Greed is Good?
    22. Halo 4's Master Chief "changed"
    23. Hirshberg: Shrinking genre killed Bizarre
    24. New Smash Bros. still miles away
    25. Xbox COO: Sony hack "bad for industry"
    26. Minor PS3 firmware update released
    27. SSX
    1. Kojima: Japan must use foreign talent
    2. Valve interested in Wii U development
    3. Ms. Splosion Man release date announced
    4. Miyamoto coy on Wii U controller range
    5. Portal 2 tops three million sales
    6. Cleary charged with e-crime offences
    7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution QR Missions
    8. Crysis 2 DX 11 patch release date
    9. 3DS finally back on top in Japan charts
    10. PS3 owners get free Music Unlimited trial
    11. iPhone 5 "closely resembles 4" - report
    12. Blizzard talks Titan development
    13. Double Dragon for Nintendo 3DS eShop
    14. Next Harry Potter game ditches Kinect
    15. inFamous dev making new PS3 game
    16. F: NV DLC Old World Blues release date
    17. MotorStorm: Apocalypse online upgraded
    18. EA: FIFA 12 PC same as console versions
    19. Backbreaker Vengeance XBLA release date
    20. EU PlayStation Store update 22nd June
    21. FIFA 12 release date announced
    22. Trenched delayed in Europe
    23. Sony details mid-June PSN Plus offers
    24. Why Race Driver: Grid PC/PS3 MP ended
    25. Crysis 2 DirectX 11 features revealed
    26. Black Ops DLC special edition incoming?
    27. New major characters coming to FFXIII-2
    28. Iwata: Wii U could have been portable
    29. Vita hardware may not be final
    30. PS3 hacker expects to go to jail
    31. Ex-Sony boss: Apple to dominate gaming
    32. Miyamoto: "It's fair to turn 3DS 3D off"
    33. Yakuza series ships 5 million globally
    34. Why Second Sight 2 wasn't made
    35. Cella: eSports Star
    36. Square Enix thinking about DQX Wii U
    1. Gaming to thank for falling US crime rate?
    2. Microsoft details interactive Kinect ads
    3. Aero-Cross is next Namco Generations title
    4. City of Heroes goes free-to-play
    5. Red Orchestra 2 release date announced
    6. Duke Nukem Forever demo now on 360, PC
    7. Take-Two: $40 iPad games possible
    8. Shadows of the Damned
    9. PC Race Driver: Grid online MP revived
    10. Halo Anniversary Kinect features "optional"
    11. Bejeweled 3 coming to 360, PS3, DS
    12. Farm Machines Championships for PC, 360
    13. UK police arrest possible LulzSec member
    14. Digital Foundry seeking contributors
    15. Ghost Recon: Future Solider beta date
    16. Podcast #72
    17. PES 2012 and Silent Hill at EG Expo
    18. Deus Ex: Human Revolution ESRB rating
    19. Better Dungeon Siege 3 PC controls soon
    20. Reinventing Dungeon Siege
    21. LA Noire working practices questioned
    22. Aion Patch 2.5
    23. Sacked Duke Nukem PR Redner responds
    24. Binary Domain release date Feb 2012
    25. Nintendo Europe clarifies Zelda CD mess
    26. Take-Two promises more Duke Nukem
    27. Molyneux: "Kinect has some problems"
    28. Miyamoto discusses Wii U power
    29. GTAV "pretty likely" for 2012 – report
    1. Nintendo: 3DS did not release too soon
    2. Split/Second devs start new studio
    3. Dyad announced for PSN
    4. Avalanche "pretty sure" new tech by 2014
    5. Star Fox 64 3DS release date announced
    6. Call of Duty: Elite still has secrets
    7. Microsoft blocked PS3 Tales of Vesperia
    8. "Onechanbara 2" spotted on
    9. Bleszinski: Gears isn't Epic's legacy
    10. Prototype 2
    11. Big shops say Max Payne 3 in 2011
    12. Out This Week - 17/06/11
    13. Tour de France: The Official Game
    14. EA beats Dillinger in Godfather case
    15. Independents' Day
    16. Mobile Games Roundup
    17. Pirates force Project Zomboid offline
    18. Zelda soundtrack offer extended in US
    19. UK Top 40: Zumba beats Zelda
    20. Sega was hacked after security update
    21. RuneScape "Jagex Account" email a scam
    22. Valve making free-to-play game
    23. Download Games Roundup
    24. Greener, lighter, 320GB PS3 confirmed
    25. BioWare: why sequels are good
    26. Halo: CE Anniversary supports Kinect
    27. Nintendo: Wii U out after April 2012
    28. Family Guy Online is a browser game
    29. Super Mario 3D
    30. 1.3m Sega Pass customer accounts stolen
    1. Out This Week - 10/06/11
    2. EA: Valve took Crysis 2 off Steam, not us
    1. Next Xbox, PS4 will be 10x as powerful
    2. Origin of War
    1. New Killzone 3 DLC detailed
    2. Sony: No PS4 for "quite some time"
    3. Crytek denies knowledge of new Xbox
    4. LittleBigPlanet 2 Move DLC explained
    5. West/Zampella lawsuit to go to trial
    6. Mortal Kombat DLC season pass unveiled
    7. Sega's turn to be hacked
    8. Ubisoft: PS3, Xbox 360 price cuts coming
    9. New LA Noire update goes live
    10. Sega "intent" on Aliens Marines on Wii U
    11. Trials Evolution won't use Kinect
    12. Zelda Z-targeting inspired by ninja show
    13. Xbox 360 sells 1.5 million in Japan
    14. Elusive PC Portal 2 DLC arrives
    15. ME3 "a beginning and a conclusion"
    16. Codies ends PC, PS3 GRID online play
    17. Dungeon Siege III
    18. Minecraft Xbox 360 developer revealed
    19. Kitsu Emotional Avatar tech unveiled
    20. John Carmack: The Future, Now
    21. Randy Pitchford: "customers love Duke"
    22. New Wii U hardware for devs in June/July
    23. Nintendo beefs up UK site security
    24. New Sega IP exclusively for PS Vita
    25. Duran Duran head to Second Life
    26. Mass Effect 3 box has lady Shepard
    27. Forza Motorsport 4
    28. Valve to attend gamescom
    29. John Carmack's vision for the next Quake
    30. Gears 3 will "definitely" sell 6 million
    31. Register Zelda now for free soundtrack
    32. Dragon Age 2 DLC to address fan feedback
    1. Iwata says no to Zelda anniversary comp
    2. Warhammer 40k MMO playable next year
    3. Battlefield 3 pre-order DLC gets full release
    4. EA attacks Call of Duty: Elite strategy
    5. Nintendo: Mario has forgotten his roots
    6. Wii U both "good and bad" for EA Sports
    7. Official Kinect SDK available now
    8. Origin not compulsory for The Old Republic
    9. Harry Potter MMO incoming?
    10. Giant enemy crab dev reportedly shut
    11. Far Cry 3
    12. Game Boy Donkey Kong for 3DS eShop
    13. What is Family Guy Online?
    14. Unreal Epic Developer Day in London
    15. Four-player co-op for Mass Effect 3?
    16. New Black Ops zombie map is Shangri-La
    17. Xbox-exclusive characters for SFxT?
    18. Bobby Kotick in new Brad Pitt movie?
    19. E3 causes PlayStation Home stampede
    20. Black Ops Annihilation DLC release date
    21. Duke nukes Take-Two share price
    22. Witcher 2 Xbox easy difficulty is easier
    23. BioWare Neverwinter Nights server hacked
    24. Neverwinter Nights
    25. Inversion
    26. Devil May Cry HD Collection spotted
    1. Original Xbox pads rebuilt for new Halo: CE
    2. 2K sacks US PR over Duke review row
    3. Nintendo not interested in free-to-play
    4. Just Cause dev prepping new next-gen IP
    5. D&D: Daggerdale leads XBLA chart
    6. Yakuza: Of The End tops Japan charts
    7. Angry Birds hits 250 million downloads
    8. Halo: CE Anniversary to cost £34.99
    9. New COD Black Ops map DLC leaked
    10. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
    11. Podcast #71
    12. EA: Origin compares to XBL, PSN, Steam
    13. Wii U domains betray secret games?
    14. EU PlayStation Store update 15th June
    15. Sony withheld PSN hack truth - report
    16. Wii U can't play DVDs or Blu-rays
    17. Nintendo: 3DS sales "below expectations"
    18. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
    19. Iwata outlines Wii U online direction
    20. Nintendo hopes you'll wait for Wii U
    21. Bungie Mobile not iOS exclusive forever
    22. Star Wars MMO: "we're progressing well"
    23. Double Fine recovers Psychonauts rights
    24. Eve Online dev responds to server attack
    25. Bleszinksi kills Gears of War PS3 hope
    26. Dawn of War III: first details
    27. EA's Origin reclaims Crysis 2 from Steam
    1. Bit.Trip Complete announced for Wii
    2. Sony hasn't asked for Twisted Metal Vita
    3. Acti: Wii U "friendlier" to core gamers
    4. LA Noire sales "below our estimate"
    5. 90% of PSN users have returned post-hack
    6. EVE Online, Minecraft servers attacked
    7. Valve announces Steam F2P support
    8. Nintendo hardware slumps in the US
    9. New Xbox will be at E3 2012 – report
    10. Le Mans glory for GT Academy winner
    11. Devil's Third Wii U looks likely
    12. Child of Eden
    13. Rage team to move onto Doom 4
    14. RuneFest 2011 dates, prices, details
    15. THQ UK closure: an insider's perspective
    16. Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel costs £45
    17. New DiRT 3 DLC out now
    18. Auto Club Revolution has console physics
    19. THQ shuts Red Faction: Battlegrounds dev
    20. Halo 3
    21. "Big" THQ announcement for Gamescom
    22. Microsoft denies "milking" Halo
    23. CD Projekt hypes Witcher 2 Xbox visuals
    24. Vita/PS3 SFxT visuals "identical"
    25. Kojima despises NES Metal Gear
    26. PSN Roundup: Comeback Special
    27. No Dissidia: Final Fantasy PS3 plans
    28. Huge Call of Duty: Elite beta sign-ups
    29. EA: we lost some fans with Dragon Age 2
    30. Console TTT2 "probably not this year"
    31. id: sequels "unfairly criticised"
    32. Suda51 teases Wii U No More Heroes 3
    33. EA Sports to stand by Tiger Woods
    34. MGS 3D double size of average 3DS cart
    35. Bungie dates Aerospace reveal
    1. LA Noire, Brink top May US charts
    2. Ancel attacks gratuitous FPS violence
    3. CryEngine confirmed for Wii U
    4. AC: Revelations special edition detailed
    5. Interactive advertising coming to Kinect?
    6. Beyond Good & Evil 2 "needs power"
    7. THQ confirms Homefront 2 plans
    8. Wii U, 3DS online "closer" to PSN, XBL
    9. THQ closes Homefront developer
    10. Nintendo hopes for Wii U exclusives
    11. BioWare: Kinect an "additional platform"
    12. Publisher Bethesda confirms hack attacks
    13. Minecraft notches 2.5 million sales
    14. Witcher 2 PS3: dev "would love" to do it
    15. SFxT PS3/Vita cross-platform play teased
    16. Spanish police DDOSed by Anonymous
    17. Face-Off: Duke Nukem Forever
    18. SW:TOR "highly derivative" of WOW
    19. Nintendo: Wii U design likely final
    20. MW3 Kotick vs. BF3 Riccitiello at E3
    21. DR2: Off the Record cynicism quashed
    22. 3DS eStore Games Roundup
    23. No co-op for Resident Evil: Revelations
    24. Nintendo and Epic Games hacked
    25. Rage: two-thirds sales to be on console
    26. Duke Nukem sales: 56% Xbox, 30% PS3
    27. Ex-Assassin's Creed dev starts at THQ
    28. How Tekken Vita may work
    29. PS Move "doesn't add value" to FIFA
    30. EA: Criterion won't make a game a year
    1. Jet Set Willy
    1. Digital Foundry vs. E3: Nintendo
    2. Identity Theft
    1. Konami wants to "re-imagine" MGS in HD
    2. Left 4 Dead creator's new FPS is "wild"
    3. Why Mass Effect 3 supports Kinect
    4. Molyneux fluffed Fable Journey reveal
    5. Star Trek
    6. Nintendo won E3 "hands down"
    7. Spanish police arrest Anonymous hackers
    8. E3 Podcast - Day 3
    9. E3 Podcast - Day 2
    10. Who Won E3?
    11. Pitchford: Duke wouldn't hurt a woman
    12. Codemasters was hacked, data stolen
    13. IBM teases on Wii U CPU specs
    14. Only one Wii U controller per console
    15. Luigi's Mansion 2
    16. Digital Foundry vs. E3: Sony
    17. 7 Things You Didn't Know About Wii U
    18. Sony's Andrew House
    19. How Sony will offset loss-making Vita
    20. PlayStation Vita to be region free?
    21. Wii U ports to be "minimally successful"
    22. Iwata reacts to fallen Nintendo stock
    23. Wii U console "not drastically different"
    24. Dedicated Modern Warfare 3 PC servers?
    25. Today's Top Trailers - Day 5
    26. Finishing Duke Nukem Forever
    27. Frozen Synapse sales give dev a future
    28. US Catherine release date
    29. New Alan Wake not yet signed?
    30. Blacklight dev slags off Call of Duty: Elite
    31. RAGE release date pushed to October
    32. Performance Analysis: Modern Warfare 3
    33. Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    34. Tomb Raider
    1. PSN theft: Sony "may never know" details
    2. Who's Winning E3? Day 4
    3. Hitman: Absolution
    4. Super Pokemon Scramble outed on 3DS
    5. Today's Top Trailers - Day 4
    6. Aliens: Colonial Marines
    7. European Saints Row 3 release date
    8. Assassin's Creed release date revelation
    9. Sony: we'll develop "hyper vigilance"
    10. PS Home experiencing record traffic
    11. Digital Foundry vs. E3: Microsoft
    12. New 3DS colour Flare Red spotted
    13. MotorStorm: Apocalypse canned in Japan
    14. Frostbite 2-based Mirror's Edge coming?
    15. A list of all Wii U games
    16. Assassin's Creed Wii U detailed
    17. Killer Freaks From Outer Space for Wii U
    18. Will PS3 exclusive Dust 514 head to Xbox?
    19. THQ has Darksiders II running on Wii U
    20. EA solving Kinect problem for FIFA 13
    21. EA having a "bit of fun" with COD-bashing
    22. Why Europe doesn't 'get' Twisted Metal
    1. Gears team not working with Kinect
    2. id cautious over Wii U development
    3. Metal Gear Solid Wii U under discussion
    4. EU PlayStation Store update 8th June
    5. Play games on Eurogamer using Gaikai
    6. Final Fantasy XIII-2
    7. Jobs unveils Apple's ambitious new HQ
    8. Punch-Out!! dev behind Luigi's Mansion 2
    9. Who's Winning E3? Day 3
    10. Trion: Rift caused WOW subs dip
    11. Nintendo yet to start Smash Bros. Wii U
    12. Today's Top Trailers - Day 3
    13. Darksiders II confirmed for Wii U
    14. Iwata: Wii U price likely over $250
    15. Wii U to feature facial recognition?
    16. Wii U price "fantastic value" - Reggie
    17. No PS Vita for Europe this year?
    18. Miyamoto: Wii created core/casual split
    19. Mass Effect 3
    20. iOS 5 brings gameplay to TVs
    21. Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.10 released
    22. Overstrike: Insomniac's multi-platform future
    23. Will Wii U support original Wiimote?
    24. Nintendo shares fall after Wii U reveal
    25. No Wii 2 until 45 million US sales
    26. THQ hints at imminent Wii 2 reveal
    27. What HVS wants from the Nintendo Wii 2
    28. Nintendo explains Wii 2 silence
    29. Nintendo: No 3D for Wii 2
    30. Is a 2012 Wii 2 launch too late?
    31. GAME's £99 Wii price unrelated to Wii 2
    32. Metroid Prime dev "making Wii 2 game"
    33. Will Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2 hit Wii 2?
    34. Wii 2 controller has a camera?
    35. Final Fantasy XV won't be on Vita/3DS
    36. Retro Studios co-dev on Mario Kart 3DS
    37. Zelda level in Super Mario 3DS
    38. Ninja Gaiden 3 has 8-player online MP
    39. Pikmin 3 confirmed for Wii U
    40. FIFA likely a Wii U launch title
    41. Nintendo conference videos were PS3, 360
    42. Insomniac still "dedicated" to PS3 fans
    43. Wii U
    1. Ninja Gaiden III
    2. Nintendo Wii U specs emerge
    3. Who's Winning E3? Day 2
    4. Luigi's Mansion 2 announced
    5. Kid Icarus 3DS multiplayer announced
    6. Lego City Stories coming to Wii U and 3DS
    7. Wii U demo used Unreal Engine?
    8. Exclusive Ninja Gaiden for Wii U
    9. Nintendo demos Zelda on Wii U
    10. Project Cafe becomes Wii U
    11. Michael Jackson heads to 3DS, Vita
    12. Live Nintendo E3 press conference
    13. Mario Kart 3DS details
    14. Super Mario 3DS "before year is over"
    15. Smash Bros. comes to Wii U and 3DS
    16. EA pledges allegiance to Wii U
    17. Tekken 3D confirmed for 3DS
    18. Starfox 64 has online opponent cam
    19. Skyward Sword coming this holiday
    20. New games to celebrate Zelda's 25th
    21. Epic Games teases Nintendo reveal?
    22. Oddworld series heads to PS Vita
    23. Ridge Racer for PlayStation Vita
    24. Buzz! dev Relentless' Kinect game
    25. Virtua Tennis 4 for PS Vita launch
    26. Problems with Nintendo 3DS eShop?
    27. Nikkei leaks Project Café details
    28. UK retail lists PS Vita at £230
    29. LOTRO Rise of Isengard expansion date
    30. Small Final Fantasy XIII-2 delay
    31. Today's Top Trailers - Day 2
    32. Blackwater Kinect FPX announced
    33. RedLynx unveils Trials Evolution for XBLA
    34. World of Tanks dev's World of Warplanes
    35. Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest
    36. E3 Podcast - Day 1
    37. Trion's Syfy MMO named Defiance
    38. PixelJunk SideScroller coming to PS3
    39. Podcast #70
    40. Podcast #69
    41. Wireless steering wheel for Xbox 360
    42. Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 coming
    43. Live Sony E3 PlayStation Conference
    44. LBP Vita to "revolutionise" portable
    45. Street Fighter X Tekken for PSVita
    46. LittleBigPlanet 2 Move improved in Sep
    47. Uncharted 3 beta later this month
    48. Saints Row 3 PS3 exclusive content
    49. ModNation Racers announced for Vita
    50. Ruin announced for Vita and PS3
    51. PlayStation Vita European price, date
    52. Irrational working on PSVita BioShock
    53. PS3 snags exclusive EA content
    54. Star Trek PS3 has Move controls
    55. NGP becomes PlayStation Vita
    56. BioShock Infinite gets Move support
    57. Sly 4 sneaks out
    58. Dust 514 confirmed as PS3 exclusive
    59. Move sales top 8.8m
    60. Team ICO bundle confirmed for September
    61. PlayStation branded 3D telly, glasses
    62. Sony's Tretton says sorry over PSN
    1. BG&E2 to miss current generation
    2. Xbox 360 gets Modern Warfare 3 Exclusivity
    3. Cliff Bleszinski hits out at Kinect hate
    4. Project Cafe not Wii 2 but "Nintendo"?
    5. Just Dance goes multiplatform
    6. Xbox 360 cloud storage plans revealed
    7. Ubisoft announces Far Cry 3
    8. Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking unveiled
    9. Ubisoft announces Tintin tie-in
    10. New Brothers in Arms unveiled
    11. Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference
    12. Fruit Ninja Kinect coming this summer
    13. Insomniac announces OverStrike
    14. EA Sports' Football Club unveiled
    15. Apple taunts E3 rivals in keynote
    16. SSX launches January 2012
    17. Mass Effect 3 release date
    18. The Sims Social coming to Facebook
    19. Free-running for NFS The Run
    20. Mass Effect 3 gets Kinect Support
    21. Microsoft unveils Halo 4 at E3
    22. Kinect Fun Labs unveiled
    23. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary release date
    24. Is Ryse Crytek's Kingdoms Kinect game?
    25. Forza Motorsport 4 release date
    26. Crytek announces Ryse for Kinect
    27. Xbox Live TV announced
    28. Four EA Sports titles to support Kinect
    29. Tomb Raider to launch Autumn 2012
    30. Dance Central 2 confirmed
    31. Kinect Sports Season Two confirmed
    32. All Tom Clancy games to use Kinect
    33. Lulzsec publishes PSN dev source code
    34. Kinect Star Wars trailer shows gameplay
    35. Metal Gear Solid 3: 3DS vs. PS2
    36. Sony files for PS Vita trademark
    37. Which? wants stiffer PSN theft penalty
    38. Halo 4 confirmed by Microsoft
    39. Who's Winning E3? Day 1
    40. Red Cross thanks PlayStation users
    41. Operation Flashpoint DLC announced
    42. Digital releases for MGS, ZoE HD
    43. EU PlayStation Store update 6th June
    44. Call of Duty Elite public beta date
    45. Out This Week - 03/06/11
    46. UK Top 40: LA Noire locked in first
    47. Adidas reveals miCoach for Move, Kinect
    48. Hackers attack Nintendo servers
    49. Fable: The Journey domain registered
    50. COD Elite: What you'll get for free
    51. The Will Wright Stuff
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    56. Iwata reveals motive for Project Café
    57. Project Cafe has 8GB storage - report
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    59. Is this leaked Project Cafe video real?
    60. Eurogamer at E3 2011
    61. What's inspired Will Wright's next game?
    1. Prototype 2 dev rejects InFamous rivalry
    2. In Theory: Windows 8 and the Future of PC Gaming
    1. Face-Off: DiRT 3
    2. Calling the Elite
    1. Papo & Yo announced for PSN
    2. Sony announces Payday: The Heist
    3. Blacklight Retribution announced
    4. Black Ops: Escalation PS3 release date
    5. PSN Welcome Back content now available
    6. uDraw dated for PS3/Xbox 360
    7. FIFA 12 RRP is £54.99
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    10. Microsoft: Xbox 360 sales up to 55 million
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    12. Reader Review of the Month - June
    13. 100 staff cut from LA Noire credits
    14. Darkness II dev making Star Trek game
    15. 3DS Splinter Cell, Driver bundles outed
    16. White Knight Chronicles II
    17. Final Fantasy VI out now on EU PSN
    18. El Shaddai UK, EU release date
    19. XCOM release date announced
    20. Dead Island pre-order edition revealed
    21. Sony defends slow PSN hack response
    22. Sony suffers fresh website hack
    23. Metal Gear Solid 5 rumoured for E3
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    26. Far Cry 3 reveal at E3 2011?
    27. New Xbox reveal at E3 unlikely - source
    28. Kinect: MS to "serve hardcore" at E3
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    30. New Witcher game to be announced at E3
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    32. Kojima: No MGS5 reveal at E3
    33. PixelJunk dev has three new games at E3
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    35. Zelda: Skyward Sword pre-E3 rumours
    36. Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 in November
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    55. Silent Hill: Book of Memories for NGP
    56. Metal Gear Solid HD collection coming
    1. New Syndicate to be an FPS - report
    2. Warhammer 40k Kill Team announced
    3. Jaws: Ultimate Predator announced
    4. Witcher 2 patch 1.2 arrives tomorrow
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    15. inFamous 2
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    26. PSN Store 807 error "due to traffic"
    27. UFC Undisputed 3 announced
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    30. Hunted: The Demon's Forge
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