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Deus Ex: Human Revolution QR Missions

UPDATE: It's US/Canada only.

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UPDATE: Bad news. Square Enix has just confirmed to us that "the QR code application and hunt is a USA and Canada activity only."

ORIGINAL STORY: Square Enix has launched an App that will net in-game rewards for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution QR Missions App unlocks in-game door codes for use in the upcoming science-fiction action role-playing game.

Real world prizes are also up for grabs, including Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network goodies.

The QR Missions are an alternate reality Scavenger Hunt. Grab the App from the App store. You'll need an iOS device with a camera and register using Facebook Connect.

The first code is in the exclusive content section of the game's official Facebook page. New codes will release every week for the next seven weeks. Hints will appear on the official Eidos-Montreal Twitter feed as well as on the Facebook page.

A captured code rewards 10 points to yourself and the collective. For each code scanned, users receive an item immediately, including special game footage, secret codes to unlock in–game doors, "Augment Yourself" codes and other assets and info from the game.

The first 1000 to find 10 codes get an exclusive theme for their preferred platform: PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. These themes will be sold at a later date.

If the collective reaches one million points before the game's 23rd August US release date, players will get a toy version of the in–game "B–EE Chopper" item for their Xbox Live Avatar or for PlayStation Home.

Also, the first 10 participants to collect all 21 QR codes get one copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition, one pair of custom Deus Ex: Human Revolution headphones, one Square Enix Play Arts Adam Jensen action figure and one Deus Ex: Human Revolution Limited Edition Compression Sleeve.

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