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Hide your purse, Steam is having a stealth-game sale

Eldritch 99p! Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon £3! Monaco £1.86!

I wonder: do you end up saving money in sales or spending more because things are on sale? Regardless, Steam is having a sale, a stealth-game sale, which lasts until Friday, 16th October, 6pm BST.

There's a great bunch of games involved and some loose-change prices on offer. Is inspired '80s Far Cry 3 spin-off Blood Dragon even a stealth game? It's £3 whatever it is.

Elsewhere the brilliant Monaco is £1.86, and the fab Gunpoint is £1.50. £1.50! That's how much a special-priced coffee costs at the Nordic Coffee Company on my way to work. I'm not saying I commute via Scandinavia each morning just, you know, Brighton. And then there's Eldritch, "a sweetly toxic blend of Lovecraft, Minecraft, Spelunky and BioShock", which is only 99p!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a scandalously low £2.60, survival game Sir, You Are Being Hunted is £1.50, and the perennially recommendable Beyond Good & Evil is £1.74.

There are newer games in there with stingier discounts but discounts all the same. Volume - "a simple, elegant and carefully paced stealth puzzler" - is down to a tenner, and "beautiful" turn-based stealth game Invisible Inc. is £9.

Also worth checking out: Outlast, a first-person "haunted house worth visiting", for £3.74; and Betrayer, "a sinister journey ... well worth taking", for £1.74.

Maybe save this until after you've played Invisible Inc.
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