Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell bypasses the difficult second album hurdle with a simple, elegant and carefully paced stealth puzzler.


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Volume is getting a free PlayStation VR expansion

Volume is getting a free PlayStation VR expansion

It's called Coda. Here's how it looks.

Mike Bithelll's stealthy cyberpunk adventure Volume is getting a free PlayStation VR expansion called Coda.

It adds 30 new levels along with an all new story and protagonist.

One neat addition to this VR expansion is the ability to scale and rotate the board. "You can make swoosh sounds if you want to while doing so," Bithell told Eurogamer. "No expense spared."

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Volume finally has PlayStation Vita release date

The PlayStation Vita version of Volume will finally launch on 6th January, developer Mike Bithell has announced (or, if you live in North American, 5th January).

It will arrive almost six months after its PC and PlayStation 4 brethren, which originally released back in August.

At the time, Bithell said the Vita version would be delayed a couple of weeks due to personal problems and submission to Sony.

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Volume: Coda expansion headed first to PlayStation VR

Indie stealth game Volume will gain a new set of levels via story expansion Coda.

The add-on launches first via Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR and will be available at the headset's launch - whenever that may be in 2016.

Coda will be free to any existing owner of Volume on PlayStation 4 and contains 30 new missions set after the main game's campaign.

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Hide your purse, Steam is having a stealth-game sale

Eldritch 99p! Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon £3! Monaco £1.86!

I wonder: do you end up saving money in sales or spending more because things are on sale? Regardless, Steam is having a sale, a stealth-game sale, which lasts until Friday, 16th October, 6pm BST.

Game soundtracks are getting standalone releases with ever greater frequency these days, which is great; they lend so much to our gaming experiences, whether we notice it consciously or not, and they absolutely deserve greater recognition.

Volume review

RecommendedVolume review

Loud quiet loud.

One of the most refreshing things about Volume, Mike Bithell's second game after the charming Thomas Was Alone, is that the design is entirely naked. This isn't a game that tries to hide its systems behind a fig leaf of "immersion". It's not a game that wants to grease your path to victory so you can see the ending.

It is, proudly and defiantly, a game. Games have rules, and Volume's are spelled out in unmissable ways. Like the great pioneering arcade titles, everything you need to play the game is right there on the screen, in the sound effects, in the colour schemes and animation. That's design, and Volume isn't afraid to let it show.


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Mike Bithell's announced the Volume release date

Volume, the stealth game from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell, launches on PlayStation 4, Vita and Steam on 18th August.

There's a new trailer, below, to coincide with the news.

Now you're done with that, have a gander at our Chris Bratt talking all things Volume with Mike in the video below.

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Andy Serkis joins the cast of Volume

As Guy Gisborne, a "villainous CEO."

Andy Serkis, the actor best known as Golem in Lord of the Rings and King Kong in King Kong, has joined the cast of Volume, Mike Bithell's stealth-based follow-up to Thomas Was Alone.

VideoVideo: Mike Bithell talks Volume

The Thomas Was Alone creator tells a disembodied voice all about his new stealth game at Rezzed.

Coming off the stage after presenting his stealth game Volume at Rezzed last weekend, Mike Bithell was alone - or was he? A disembodied narrator who sounded an awful lot like our video editor Ian Higton kept pestering the Thomas Was Alone creator with questions about Volume, and Mike felt compelled to answer him. Even when the voice asked whether the level editor could be used to make penises. A mysteriously present camera recorded his responses; you can watch them below.

FeatureStealth vs stealth

One is making Metal Gear Solid 5, another Volume. Both discuss the current state of stealth.

Jordan Amaro is a designer at Kojima Productions working on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Mike Bithell is a designer working at home on Volume. Both are making stealth games, but both are taking radically different approaches.

FeatureIndies and the next generation of consoles

Inside Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony's fight for the future.

Indies are scorching hot. Maybe it was Minecraft. Maybe it was Super Meat Boy. Maybe it was Journey. Either way, just weeks before the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it is indie developers who find themselves - whether they like it or not - on the front line of the next generation battle.

Thomas Was Alone dev's Volume a timed PS4 and Vita exclusive

Thomas Was Alone dev's Volume a timed PS4 and Vita exclusive

Out on PC and Mac a month after PlayStation.

Volume, the next game from Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell, is a timed PlayStation 4 and Vita exclusive.

The Metal Gear Solid-esque stealth game was shown during Sony's Gamescom press conference this evening as part of a raft of indie titles heading to the consoles.

Following the reveal, Bithell tweeted to say Volume will launch on PC and Mac a month after PlayStation. There's no word on whether the game will come to Xbox One, however - despite Microsoft's recent indie dev self-publishing announcement.

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FeatureTurn up the Volume: Mike Bithell switches gears for difficult second album

Metal Gear meets Minecraft sounds like a sure-fire hit, but there's plenty at stake for rags to riches indie dev.

Mike Bithell first came across Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series as a not so innocent 12-year-old. A friend of his dad's passed him the PC version of the first game in the series with word that you could catch a glimpse at a nude girl if Solid Snake positioned himself perfectly in an air duct. Ask any hardcore Metal Gear fan what I'm talking about. They'll know.

Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell announces Volume

Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell has taken the wraps off of his second project.

Volume is a stealth game that has been described as Metal Gear meets Minecraft. Indie developer Bithell has been working on Volume for the past seven months, and is aiming for a late 2014 release window. Platforms are yet to be announced.

The idea is the player avoids guards while stealing items. Volume will release with hundreds of environments, but there's also a user generated content aspect to the game.

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