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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Video: Mike Bithell talks Volume

The Thomas Was Alone creator tells a disembodied voice all about his new stealth game at Rezzed.

Coming off the stage after presenting his stealth game Volume at Rezzed last weekend, Mike Bithell was alone - or was he? A disembodied narrator who sounded an awful lot like our video editor Ian Higton kept pestering the Thomas Was Alone creator with questions about Volume, and Mike felt compelled to answer him. Even when the voice asked whether the level editor could be used to make penises. A mysteriously present camera recorded his responses; you can watch them below.

Volume is an abstract stealth game recalling VR missions of early Metal Gear Solid and retelling the Robin Hood legend in a near-future setting. It's out for PS4, Vita, PC and Mac this year - with the PlayStation versions preceding the others by a month.

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