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Trion: Rift caused WOW subs dip

Dev bold as game nears millionth sale.

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Trion has cheekily claimed to "know very well" where World of Warcraft lost 600,000 subscribers to.

Trion senior VP of publishing David Reid made the comment to Gamasutra as his game Rift nears its one millionth sale.

"We're really pleased with what we're seeing," he said. "And beyond that, it was a pleasure to see that in the latest Activision Blizzard earnings call, they inquired about Rift when Blizzard announced that their subscriber numbers went from 12 million to 11.4 million.

"You can do some math... We know very well where those 600,000 people are."

Rift's 1 million milestone refres to copies sold, not games shipped to shops or how many people subscribe to the MMO.

Rift currently prepares itself for new patch 1.3, entitled Waves of Madness. It's coming on 22nd June.

Full details are still under wraps, but we know Patch 1.3 introduces free character transfers for players struggling on low population servers. Each character will be eligible for a free transfer once every seven days, and be able to pick from a number of servers.

No restrictions will be placed on players wishing to transfer from the safer, player-versus-environment servers to player-versus-player servers. More details on the transfer system can be found at Trion's website

Rift Patch 1.3 announced.

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