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Rift: Conquest update released next week

Brings new three-faction, cross-realm wars.

Plump as a pudding Rift update Conquest arrives next week, Trion's announced.

The glitziest bit of it is Conquest, a three-faction, cross-realm player-versus-player war mode. You'll need to control resources and build war machines to turn the tide of battle. That means, uh oh, working as a team.

There's a kindly Mentoring feature arriving with Conquest as well. This means high-level Rift veterans can better help friends who've just started playing.

Also in the Conquest update: a new raid Sliver, a Summerfest world event, a Barbershop to change your appearance and Instant Adventures for Freemarch, Silverwood, Gloamwood and Stonefield.

Rift: Storm Legion - the game's first expansion.