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EA secures more third party support for Origin

11 publishers added, including CD Projekt, Trion Worlds.

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EA has snagged yet more third party support for its Origin digital PC store, the publisher announced today.

11 new partners have been announced, including The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red and Trion Worlds, whose MMO Rift is available for download from today.

Freebird Games (To The Moon), Recoil Games (Rochard), Autumn Games (Skullgirls), 1C Company (IL-2 Sturmovik), inXile entertainment (Choplifter HD), Paradox Interactive (Magicka), Core Learning Ltd. and N3V Games (Elemental: War of Magic) will also be offering their games over the next few months.

"The digital versions of Rift have seen incredible success, and Origin offers an ideal direct-to-consumer avenue for gamers interested in experiencing the rich world of Telara," commented Trion exec Jim Butler.

"Origin has established itself as a destination for top titles currently available in the evolving digital marketplace, so it's definitely a place that Trion wants to be."

This is the second batch of third parties announced for EA's store, with Capcom, Warner Bros. Interactive and THQ signing up back in October.

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