Skullgirls 2nd Encore gets new features on PS4, Vita

Voiced story mode! Survival! Cross-buy! Cross-play!

Eliza added to fighting game Skullgirls Encore

But PS4 and Vita versions delayed to early 2015.

Skullgirls Encore headed to PlayStation 4 and Vita

Bone up for the "complete version".

Max Payne, Awesomenauts, Skullgirls on EU PlayStation Store this week

Plus Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Vita oddity Frobisher Says!

Skullgirls due on EU PlayStation Store next week

PopCap puzzler Bejeweled 3 launches on Friday.

Review | Skullgirls Review

Death becomes her.

Fez tops Xbox Live Arcade chart in debut week

Acclaimed indie platformer just ahead of Skullgirls.

Skullgirls out on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow

EU PSN "in the coming weeks".

Video | Skullgirls trailer shows off story mode

Downloadable 2D fighter for PSN, XBLA.

Skullgirls artist responds to sexism controversy

Explains difference between "something being sexy and being sexist".

Skullgirls sexism complaints are "misplaced and shallow chivalry"

Developer justifies giant anime breasts and panty flashes.

Skullgirls: Reverge Labs unveils Valentine

Is a ninja and a nurse. Attacks with corpses.

Skullgirls delayed to early 2012

"There's a lot it will let us finish up and polish."