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Eliza added to fighting game Skullgirls Encore

But PS4 and Vita versions delayed to early 2015.

Fighting game Skullgirls today gets a new character: Eliza.

Eliza is the third Indiegogo-funded DLC character for the game. She fights by manipulating her own blood, which manifests itself as shape-shifting into Egyptian mythological symbols and cultural icons. She's packed with references, Lab Zero Games boss Peter Bartholow wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

She can also summon bodyguards and dislodge her skeletal parasite, Sekhmet. Eliza is free to download for three months. Check out her moves in the video below.

Eliza's arrival coincides with a huge patch for the game, which makes sweeping gameplay changes and fixes. Check out the patch notes on the Skullgirls website.

Bartholow added that the next DLC character, Beowulf, is coming along nicely. Beowulf is a pro wrestler inspired by the poem, and features loads of wrestling references.

Meanwhile, Bartholow said that Skullgirls for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita had been delayed to early 2015.

"We've expanded the scope of the port and are adding new features with the aim of making it a better upgrade for fans and a better value for everyone," he said.

"Unfortunately, these awesome new additions have necessitated a delay until early 2015, but I'm confident that everyone will find the additions worthwhile."

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