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Skullgirls' Eliza DLC pulled from XBLA due to two-year-old bug

Will be back up in "a week or two."

Last week Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games released its Eliza DLC on PS3 and PC, but its Xbox 360 launch saw a problem on Microsoft's console due to a two-year-old bug that never manifested itself until now.

"Unfortunately, the Eliza DLC failed testing on 360 due to the discovery of a very obscure bug," the developer noted in its blog. "The bug had been present in all previous builds of Skullgirls but only noticed this time in testing. The issue was fixed and the DLC was submitted for testing again pretty quickly, so it should be a week or two until she releases on that console."

Lab Zero's Peter Bartholow explained to XBLA Fans that the Xbox 360 content was put on the Marketplace prematurely due to a "bureaucratic mix-up" wherein it was published as soon as it passed certification. The problem was that while the DLC itself was up to snuff, it clashed with an old bug, so the parent game needs a title update and compatibility pack in addition to the new content.

Those who bought the DLC on Xbox 360 before it was ready ended up seeing some of their previous DLC re-locked. This will be fixed when the Eliza add-on is ready for Xbox 360 later this month.

Skullgirls is also coming to PS4 and Vita in early 2015 in its Encore Edition that will include all the DLC thus far.

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