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Extensive Skullgirls patch finally coming to XBLA

After hitting PSN in November.

Last November Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games released a major patch to its female-themed fighter, but this mild game-changer only arrived on PSN as its large size - 590 MB - conflicted with Microsoft's update policy. Thankfully, it turns out this update is coming to XBLA after all and should be arriving in the next two weeks.

Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow informed XBLA Fans that the Skullgirls 1.01 "Slightly Different Edition" patch is currently going through certification and Microsoft said "it'll take two weeks, but actually estimated that it would likely only take one."

Bartholow noted that the XBLA update is "the exact same patch that the PS3 version got last November - nothing was cut. The Title Update + Compatibility Pack method of patching we ended up employing doesn't have any size limits."

So what does this massive "Slightly Different Edition" patch entail, you ask? The list of changes is extensive, but some of the highlights include a new, more challenging "Nightmare Mode" for the single-player campaign, smoother online performance, a way to disable achievements from popping up mid-battle, new character skins, and much, much more. Check out the full list of changes on the Skull Girls dev blog.

While Lab Zero was laid off from publisher Autumn Games last summer, the eight-person team and its contractor pals managed to raise a whopping $829K on Indiegogo to add three new characters to the stylish fighter. These include the goth girl Squigly, the jazzy Robocop-esque Big Band, and the third character is still being decided via votes by backers.

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