Rift finally capitulates and turns free-to-play as well

Launching alongside patch 2.3 in June.

What's going on at Trion? Rift team now hit by lay-offs

Follows End of Nations restructuring last week.

Release date for Rift's first and meaty expansion Storm Legion

Can it put the fantasy MMO back on the map?

Rift's first expansion Storm Legion includes full original game

Trion "would like to" do an expansion every year.

Video | Rift: Storm Legion Volan boss video

A gigantic encounter in the game's first expansion.

Rift: Conquest update released next week

Brings new three-faction, cross-realm wars.

Rift: Storm Legion concept art gallery

The massive first expansion.

Rift's first expansion Storm Region will triple game's size

Level 60! Guild-owned Dimensions! Tons of new content!

Rift endless free trial arrives under a year after launch

Capped at level 20 - Telara your friends.

EA secures more third party support for Origin

11 publishers added, including CD Projekt, Trion Worlds.

Rift subscription prices lowered

Trion Worlds' MMO now costs Ł59 a year.

Rift iOS app goes live

Free download offers minigames, chat, event alerts.

Trion teases Rift expansion pack plans, possible content

Plus: Instant Adventure feature back on radar.

Video | Rift 1.6 developer video diary

Behind the scenes of the new Ember Isle update.

Rift developer to let others use its tech

Trion aims big with Red Door platform.

Rift 1.5 update detailed

New quests, upgrades, rewards incoming.

Money from MMO subs begins to decline

For the first time in recent memory.

Video | MMO player proposes in Rift

In-game and in real life.

Trion: Rift caused WOW subs dip

Dev bold as game nears millionth sale.

Video | Rift patch 1.3 footage shown

Enhancements arrive 22nd June.

Video | Rift footage shows off Mage class

Spells! Undead! Rabbit killing!

Rift 7-day free trial now available

Recruit friends to earn MMO reward.

Rift 1.2 patch notes revealed

Facebook! Slivers! Wardrobe! LFG!

Rift patch 1.2 release date changed

Needs more polish, says Trion.

End of Nations, Syfy "when they're done"

Rift maker Trion will take its merry time.

Feature | Rift: An MMO success story

"One of the players was taking air-force pilot drugs."

Trion: Rift now "a water-tight ship"

"As of today," says EP Hartman.

Video | Latest Rift footage struts in

Wearing a lovely red dress.

Huge Rift update announced

New invasion, raid zone, items detailed.

Hacker helps plug Rift security hole

1% of "surprisingly large number" affected.

Review | Rift

Plane sailing.

Feature | Game of the Week(s): Rift

Sorry, we skipped one. Blame it on the GDC.

UK top 40: Pokemon White/Black on top

Fight Night Champion denied belt.

Video | Riotous Rift trailer shows off gameplay

Watch havocking sped-up battle scenes.

Rift open beta announced

Get the jump on Trion's new MMO.

Video | Trion showcases Rift class system

MMO grinding for 4th March launch.

Video | Trion MMO Rift takes a pop at WOW

"We're not in Azeroth anymore."

MMO Rift gets a release date

Switch the Christmas Trion in March.

Second RIFT beta event detailed

Telara croft of MMOs?

You can join imminent Rift closed beta

Try on Trion's fantasy MMO.

Feature | Trion talks Rift

"More is not better. Better is better."

Rift: Planes of Telara

Telara your friends.

Rift: Planes of Telara

Scarlet Gorge screens.

Video | Rift: Planes of Telara teaser

Latest footage of the MMO.

Trion's fantasy MMO changes name

Now Rift: Planes of Telara, due 2011.

Heroes of Telara

Serving up new technology in MMOs.

E3: Heroes of Telara

Trion's pretty MMO.

Trion's Heroes of Telara MMO at E3

Fantasy MMO with "limitless content".