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I Am Alive release imminent?

M.I.A. Ubisoft adventure gets age rating.

Long-in-development Ubisoft adventure title I Am Alive has been rated for release by the Australian Classification Board.

The listing, spotted by PlayStationLifeStyle, gives the game a 15+ stamp, warning of "strong violence".

No other details are offered but presumably a game has to be finished before it can be rated, which is a revelation enough in itself.

The game, which sees you attempting to survive in a Chicago laid to ruin by a cataclysmic earthquake, was first announced way back at E3 2008.

However, we've heard barely a peep about it since, save for news back in 2009 that original developer Darkworks had handed over the reins to Ubisoft Shanghai.

Originally intended as a full retail release, a report earlier this year stated that it's now a download title for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.