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Survival horror I Am Alive announced for PC next month

But how does it look?

I Am Alive, Ubisoft Shanghai's post-apocalyptic survival horror previously released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will arrive for PC on 13th September.

The downloadable scarefest first launched on Xbox Live Arcade in March, and then a month later on PlayStation Network.

It offers a moody and largely monochromatic look at life in a dystopian future, as the US struggles to cope in the aftermath of a myserious disaster.

"The last bits of humanity are pretty much going to hell all around you and you're just a guy with a couple of bottles of water and an empty gun," Tom Bramwell wrote in Eurogamer's 8/10 I Am Alive review.

"Maybe you will escape with your dignity and integrity, but you probably won't. You and the game know it. It's not a new message, but I Am Alive delivers it as well as anyone ever has in a game."

A set of new screenshots below all come from the game's PC build.