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Eurogamer.net E3 Podcast - Day 3

Tom joins John and Oli for more E3 chat.

Three pilgrims. Two convention halls. One unifying passion for gaming. And a sprinkling of rear touch. It's the third day of Eurogamer's E3 2011 podcast.

John Teti and Oli Welsh are still here, folks, and their guest-booking team worked overtime for weeks to land their special guest, Eurogamer's own Tom Bramwell. Despite sitting in gruelling L.A. traffic for 45 minutes on the way to the "studio" - a rickety card table in the corner of John's bunker-like E3 lodgings - Tom came ready to discuss micturating Nazis and so much more.

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Now that most of us have had some hands-on time with it, the PlayStation Vita kicks off the conversation. Tom's fallen for the thing rather hard; John imagines the mindset of the people who might have designed such an elaborate contraption. We also wonder if the PS3-to-Vita game-transfer feature might be another one of those Sony ideas that proves much more of a hassle than anyone might have imagined.

There's still plenty to dissect in regard to the Wii U. The biggest question: Will Nintendo be able to show off what the thing can do when the console hits stores, or is it going to be another 3DS scenario where the thing stumbles off the starting blocks? Whatever the commercial reality ends up being, everyone marvels at the fact that Nintendo seemingly never throws any ideas away.

Then it's down to impressions of specific games. Oli tells us about his favorite Kinect concept to date and declares his love for Luigi's Mansion 2. Honestly, get a room! Tom muses on the Official Game of The Eurogamer E3 Podcast, Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. Plus, you'll learn why John was rubbing his hands with devious glee at his Star Wars: The Old Republic demo.

We wrap up with celebrity sightings and some bizarre happenings from the show floor. You'll feel as if you're there! Except thousands of miles away and listening to it on the radio.

Tomorrow, the epic finale, where the question of the day will be: Who do you think won E3, and why? Tweet your answer to @johnteti and he just may read it on the air!

And if you missed the previous episodes:

Day 2: Martin sits in with John and Oli to talk Wii U and Brothers in Arms: Furious 4.

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Day 1: John and Oli are joined by Wes to discuss the press conferences - and Brothers in Arms: Furious 4.

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