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What's week one been like in Overwatch 2?

Mei, Mei.

Last week was Overwatch 2 week, but it wasn't quite the week Blizzard will have imagined. The servers didn't work as they should, there were huge queues to play, and even when people could log in, overly complicated character unlock systems and bolshy Battle Passes made for a confusing introduction. Plus, it wasn't entirely clear what was new in the game when you could play it, either.

Overwatch 2, as Edwin Evans-Thirlwell pointed out in his early impressions piece - he's currently working on the full review - is overwhelmingly Overwatch. And it's hard not to agree. Faced with the same maps and the same characters, Overwatch 2 seems to be the same game so many of us will have played so many times before. However, the differences as there, and given time, they make themselves felt.

Overwatch 2 was the talking point of the week, then, and I invited Edwin onto Weekly to talk about it. My other guest is news reporter Victoria Kennedy, who joins us to talk about Gotham Knights, Moonbreaker and CD Projekt Red as well.

Edwin's computer was having trouble with the video feed so he went audio-only instead. He said we should depict him as his favourite Overwatch character, Zarya. Good choice.

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