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The Last of Us TV show has finished so what do we think?

Murder, she bloat.

Please note, there will be spoilers for The Last of Us (both show and game) below.

You may have noticed I am rather fond of The Last of Us. It is one of my favourite games. So when I heard it was being adapted for TV by Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and Naughty Dog's own Neil Druckmann, I knew I would be watching.

The series made its debut back in January and since then, I have been running regular discussion pieces on the site to coincide with each episode. There's a list of them in this piece, in case you want to look at them in more detail and see how each episode differed from comparable sections in the game, for instance.

But now the finale has aired, I'm not only left wondering what to do with myself, I'm wondering what other Last of Us lovers, or those coming to the IP completely fresh, thought about it. So I gathered together a group of writers at Eurogamer who have been watching the show to find out exactly that. And some of them have played the games more times even than me.

Joining me to discuss everything The Last of Us - from chilling cold opens, new characters, the importance of strawberries and those clever gameplay Easter eggs, all the way through to the series' climatic finale (including that Joel moment) - are Bertie Purchese, Ed Nightingale and Jessica Orr. Did they like it or did they loathe it? And will they like maitake mushroom puns?

Oh and I feel compelled to point out that in my introduction, I say "series debut" rather than "finale", although that's what I meant. It's my first time hosting so please ignore this blip and spare me a little tendril-ness here. Thank you.

Our in-depth thoughts on the first season of HBO's The Last of Us. For reference, Jessica has played TLOU game five times!
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