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Epic Games Store database appears to list dozens of upcoming PC games, including Turok

Plus, what may be Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us Part 2.

A new, unofficial online database of game listings from the Epic Games Store has been launched and promptly rifled through - turning up mention of numerous unannounced PC game projects.

EpicDB, similar to SteamDB, is now offline - after Epic Games itself realised its private store data was being probed.

"We released an update tonight so third-party tools can't surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalogue," an Epic Games spokesperson told Eurogamer.

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Many of the games spotted were listed under codenames, though a few were not. Saber Interactive had a listing for a Turok project, for example (though whether this is a new game or remaster is unknown).

Some that were listed under codenames were also easily identifiable. It's publicly known that BioShock 4, in development since at least 2019, is being worked on under the title "Parkside". This was indeed listed as one of several games in development by publisher 2K.

Still others were listed under unknown codenames - though enterprising internet users on reddit and video game fan forum ResetEra believe they have uncovered what some could be.

A bit of digging in the Epic Store files suggests a Sony Interactive Entertainment project codenamed "Utah" is in fact a The Last of Us Part 2 PC port. (Remember that report which recently claimed the game was done and ready, but potentially awaiting the arrival of HBO's next The Last of Us TV season.)

More interesting, perhaps, is a project codenamed "Semla" from Rockstar Games. Based on its filesize being close to the filesize of Red Dead Redemption 1 on PS4, there's suggestion that this could be the mythical PC port of Rockstar's beloved cowboy western that's long been expected.

And then there are other codenames that are just fun to see. Sega currently has in-development projects codenamed "Porridge", "Croquembouche" and "CurlyWurly". Ubisoft has food-themed ideas for its codenames, including "Puffpastry" and "Profiterole". Saber Interactive has "Chimichanga". And Square Enix has "Butterkaka". Mmmm... time for some lunch.

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