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How to stream, what to stream, when to stream

Ian and Ed share years of Twitch and YouTube learnings.

Ian Higton's face superimposed on a muscular, leotard wearing male character from Infinite Wealth. The character has their hands behind their head and is, um, thrusting. Two dogs are dancing by their side. It's all totally normal.
Image credit: Eurogamer / Sega

It's time for another episode of Inside Eurogamer, the podcast that's exclusively for Supporters and which takes you behind the curtains here to understand why we do the work we do, and some of the things we've learnt about doing it. Today we're on trend talking about streaming. I say on trend but I don't think I've been on trend about anything, ever. Fortunately for me, other people have been.

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Today I have Ian Higton and Ed Nightingale with me. Ian's expertise in the area of streaming needs little explanation. He's been one of the faces of Eurogamer video for many years now; he's actually the longest serving member by a couple of years - he ran the channel alone for a while. And as we find out in this podcast, he was right there at the start of streaming on YouTube. Incidentally, if you're interested in Ian's fuller life story, as I like to think of it, check out the dedicated interview podcast he and I recorded as he reached his 10-year anniversary here.

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