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Nearly a decade of video with Eurogamer's Ian Higton

And his world famous jorts.

Update: This episode is now available to all!

It's been nearly 10 years since my guest today started working at Eurogamer. And when they began, their mission was simple: make YouTube happen. We had barely an audience there at the time. Oh, we'd tried video - you might remember Johnny Minkley and Eurogamer TV - but we missed the YouTube wave. So along came Ian Higton, my guest today, to make it right.

He didn't solve YouTube alone or overnight of course - to do that he would need a team and time. But it was his tireless work, largely alone for two years, that laid the foundation for what was to come. And his continued work has helped shape Eurogamer on YouTube into the channel it is today: a popular and welcoming place Ian is super proud of. Listen to him talk about it in the podcast - it's lovely.

I didn't realise how long he'd worked in TV beforehand, though. I knew Ian had worked for a shopping channel, which is brilliant, but I didn't realise he was there for 10 years! He even rose quite high up. And he once dressed as Skeletor to covertly appear on camera for a Halloween special, and it was recorded so you can watch it too. That's the cheeky Ian we know!

What a wonderful array of pictures he has on his walls. He's especially fond of the fan art he's received. We spend some time looking around.

But it was Ian's lifelong love of games that tempted him away from TV and towards, I'm thrilled to say, Eurogamer, where he's remained ever since - and I hope will do for a long time to come. So here's to Ian, the king of jorts, and one of the most entertaining people I know.

Episode 23 of One-to-One is now available to all, either here, in this article, or from all major podcasting platforms. Here are some handy links.

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