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Original Xbox pads rebuilt for new Halo: CE

343 Industries brings back the Duke.

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The team responsible for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is planning to modify a handful of original Xbox controllers to be 360-compatible so that a select few can experience the game exactly as it was back in 2001.

343 Industries' Frank O'Connor revealed in a NeoGAF post that his team is "trying to get some OG Dukes rebuilt with 360 guts for Halo Fest."

He added that 343 hopes to have "about" six custom pads made "by people who have been doing the same thing for years."

They'll be used at the Halo Fest event at PAX in August and then, according to Giant Bomb's follow-up, signed by the dev team and auctioned for charity at the annual Child's Play dinner.

The original Xbox's controller, nicknamed the Duke, was notorious for its unwieldy size. Later on in the console's life-cycle a more compact 'Type-S' pad was introduced that was more similar in appearance to the 360 controller we have today.

343's Halo: Combat Evolved makeover is due out on Xbox 360 on 15th November.

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